Generating new leads and sales

Google Adwords management – our process

As a certified Google Partner, Shardex offers its clients Google Adwords management. Below, we talk through the steps we take to build and run a successful campaign.

Initial Strategy

It is essential to have a solid, calculated strategy – whether it is a small campaign or large, we want to be sure that our client understands what to expect and what metrics will define success. As part of our initial consultation, we provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so that you can make informed decisions about keyword selection and maximising your budget. We discuss the different types of advertising available to you, from generating leads to building brand awareness. We can also work with Google to provide industry insights and competitor analysis to identify opportunities in the market.

Website and landing page optimisation

Once the initial strategy has been planned, we then turn our attention to reviewing your website, landing pages and digital marketing material. Based on your strategy, we optimise your current pages or build new ones (or separate microsites) as well as creating digital marketing materials for your campaigns such as gif banners and Facebook adverts. We carefully consider factors such as consumer intent, relevancy and competitors when creating your advertising artwork.

Conversion tracking and quantifying advertising spend

In order to calculate your ROI from advertising spend, a crucial part of the process is to determine your cost per conversion to generate a lead or sale. We monitor this in two main ways.

Firstly, if a visitor reaches your website by clicking on a Google ad, we can replace the contact phone number within your website with a dynamic Google tracking phone number. If the visitor then calls this number for a predetermined amount of time, we can record a lead conversion within your account. Secondly, if a customer completes a contact form or completes a purchase on your website, we can trigger another conversion by the addition of coding within your website.

Whether you want to increase sales or increase qualified leads, our expertise in PPC and conversion optimisation helps take your campaigns to a new level.

Increasing conversions and ROI

Even with your campaigns up and running, the process has only just begun. It usually becomes clear during the first weeks of your campaign which elements are performing well and which will need improvement. We focus our attention on testing – implementing changes to improve the key metrics of your campaigns. It can be a little trial and error at the start but it’s not guesswork, it’s a series of enhancements that we implement based on our knowledge of PPC.

To summarise…

  • Produce targeted and professional landing pages and advertising material
  • Create and test various advert styles within Google Adwords
  • Select keywords based on customer intent rather than popularity
  • Use strategic bidding based on producing a positive ROI for your business
  • Continue to monitor and update Adwords account on a regular basis to reduce cost per conversion

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