What happens in a second?

The relationship between page load time and conversions A delay of just one second in your website load time can reduce page views, decrease customer satisfaction and result in a loss in conversions. Site speed should therefore be one of the most important factors you consider, especially when running paid advertising campaigns. A one second […]

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Generating new leads and sales

Google Adwords management – our process As a certified Google Partner, Shardex offers its clients Google Adwords management. Below, we talk through the steps we take to build and run a successful campaign. Initial Strategy It is essential to have a solid, calculated strategy – whether it is a small campaign or large, we want […]

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Why use cloud inventory management?

Up until recently, complex inventory management systems were too costly for most small to medium sized businesses. In addition to paying for the software licenses, there was also the cost of setup, in house hardware and staff training. As a result many businesses still rely on spreadsheets to monitor their inventory. However with the advancement […]

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