Getting the most from your support package

As part of your General Support package, you may have remaining credits left over at the end of the month. The links in the left sidebar will help you decide how to spend your remaining support hours.*

How it works

1. Decide how to spend your remaining credits
Use the inspiration areas in the left hand menu to decide what you would like to spend your remaining support hours on.

2. Create a support ticket
Login to your member dashboard area and create a new support ticket detailing the work you would like carried out.

3. Await reponse
Shardex will reply to your support ticket with confirmation of how many hours the job will take and an estimated delivery timeframe.

4. Confirm
Confirm if you would like to proceed with the work by replying to the support ticket.

5. Work Completed
Shardex will upload any files/assets created to the support ticket and within your membership dashboard area or provide hidden links for you to preview and sign off work.

* Support hours expire at the end of each month, so it is important to request work before this time.


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